Who we are

Who we are

Control, collaboration and a commitment to the utmost quality underpin everything we do, whether it’s a listed building renovation project, a high-end residential fit-out, a cutting-edge new build — or anything in between.

Building excellence

Delivering complete capability of specialist construction services, trades and expertise, as part of the DE Group, De Group Contracting are a multi-faceted one stop construction solution. From listed building and commercial building refurbishment to new build commercial, residential, hotel and retail property and fit-out construction, our integrated service streamlines project timescales and budgets, maintaining control at every stage of the process.


Whilst we specialise primarily in central London, our operations encompass Great London and the home counties. Employing a collaborative approach and highly-skilled personnel, our work is characterised by outstanding craftsmanship. We also build trust into our client relationships, which are based on the highest standards of professionalism, transparency and integrity.

Collaborative approach

Every step of our business model is based on an integrated, uninterrupted supply chain. It’s an approach that gives us considerable control — and gives our clients complete peace of mind.

Collaboration and innovation go hand in hand

What we stand for

As an organisation, we’re proud of the dedication and diverse talents of our people. As tomorrow’s leaders of our business, we invest heavily in their continuous personal and professional development. Equality, diversity and meritocracy define the way we recruit and reward our workforce. We are committed to opportunity for all.

Integrity & trust

Trust is everything. As individuals, as teams, as an organisation, we seek and value the highest moral and ethical principles. With these attributes in place, we enjoy strong working relationships with our colleagues, clients, stakeholders and suppliers that are built on transparency, integrity and trust. It’s an approach that fosters mutual respect across all strata of our organisation, helping to align everyone with a shared attitude and vision for our business. Collectively, this benefits not only our workforce as a whole, but also all of our external partnerships.


Demonstrated in word and in deed, honesty is a fundamental value that defines our working lives, our relationships and our actions. As an employer and as an organisation, we consider it to be a non-negotiable.

Accountability & ownership

We encourage our people to take ownership of their actions and their responsibilities. Collectively, this means we are accountable as an organisation, answerable for our actions and committed not to just meeting expectations, but to surpassing them. In striving for excellence, we further our professional development as individuals whilst furthering the goals of the organisation.

Commitment to customers

By delivering consistent quality through excellent products and outstanding service, we build trust with our clients and stakeholders, laying the foundations for mutually beneficial long-term working relationships.


De Group Contracting is a team of leaders. Leadership is expressed through mutual respect, humility, authenticity and a willingness to listen to others and to learn from them. It is also demonstrated by a commitment to go the extra mile in the pursuit of excellence — and an ability to communicate this and inspire others around us to do the same. As part of an aligned collective, the power of the individual is transformational.

Continual improvement

Improvement, no matter how incremental, is a journey — not a destination. As a group, we value innovation, an ability to question and challenge accepted norms, and the freedom to think creatively. It is through these values that real change can be achieved in the pursuit of excellence. By rejecting a silo mentality and embracing the possibilities of fluid intelligence, our people can realise their potential and perpetuate a cycle of continuous improvement.

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