From office fit-out and listed building renovation to new build commercial and residential property, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we are committed to being carbon neutral by 2032.

Inbuilt sustainability

Every aspect of the construction cycle has an environmental impact. As responsible contractors we practice sustainable construction, the extent of that impact is firmly within our hands. By achieving optimal efficiency in every stage of our operations, we minimise our carbon footprint. By building sustainable structures that respect the world around us, we enable future generations to continue our positive environmental legacy.

Some processes may currently emit more carbon than we want. These are the focus of considerable ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By measuring our output, we’re able to monitor progress towards ambitious targets and report tangible improvements wherever we achieve them.

sustainable construction
sustainable construction


Validated by third party verification, these environmental performance metrics are measured against demanding KPIs, enabling our partners and stakeholders to work closely with us throughout the pre-construction and construction phases. Armed with this information, they are able to make responsible, informed choices with regard to products, materials and processes — each of which can make a significant contribution to the sustainability and environmental credentials of the completed structure.

There is also a social dimension to sustainability. As a responsible building construction contractors, we embrace the community aspects of our work and our contribution to the built environment. By defining appropriate social value activities and platforms, we aim to bring maximum benefit to our buildings, their environs and the people who live and work in them — today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Sustainability — our seven pillars of focus

Our key business objectives and targets — and how we set, review, measure and manage progress against them.

Our strategic and financial activities — and how we manage them.

Our projects, bidding and tendering operations — and how these are carried out.

Our transport, mobile plant and processes — and how we coordinate them.

Our use of existing, new and emerging materials and technologies — and how we adopt them.

Our workplaces and company assets — and how identify, manage and improve them.

Our project and non-project related social values and community engagement — and how we advance them.

We have set out specific targets for each pillar — and mapped out the actions required to meet them. From the efficient use of raw materials and scarce resources such as gas and water to waste management efficiencies and reductions; from innovation and technological solutions to recycling of construction materials; and from transport and delivery operations to our purchasing behaviours… by scrutinising and optimising every detail, we strengthen each pillar of our sustainability journey. With “carbon-neutral by 2032” targeted by our board of directors, we have set ourselves a demanding but achievable roadmap.

By sharing this vision, we are committed to aligning our stakeholders, partners and supply chains with this ambitious target — through collaboration and a shared purpose, we can achieve great things.

Our ISO accreditations to 9001; 14001 and 45001 underpin this bold initiative, setting relevant SMART objectives to drive continuous improvements across all of our operations and business divisions. Our projects regularly achieve the requirements set out in WELL and BREEAM (Excellent).


Our stated target of carbon-neutral by 2032 may be ambitious but, with the shared effort and determination of our people, our partners and our stakeholders, it is most definitely achievable. Considerable resources, authorities and support will be needed to support this vision — we are committed to providing everything that’s required and investing appropriately to realise our sustainability targets.
Helen Collarbone, DE Group Associate Director — Sustainability & Systems

Our approach to sustainable construction