Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Teamwork, communication and ongoing assessment form the basis of our absolute commitment to continuous improvement and rigorous quality assurance. In this respect, our role is wholly aligned with our work as building, refurbishment, and fit-out specialists.

Foundations of quality

We build on a solid foundation of quality. To this end, we’re committed to a culture of continuous improvement as we strive for excellence in everything we do.

It is not enough merely to meet customer expectations. By surpassing them, we not only deliver outstanding built structures, but also strengthen our working relationships, laying the groundwork for long term partnerships that benefit all. Performance is assured by the establishment of clear, measurable targets.

commercial construction contractor
commercial construction contractor


These rigorous KPIs provide a framework against which we can gauge our levels of achievement, demonstrating delivery to our clients’ agreed specifications, whilst offering tangible checks and balances for our own performance evaluation.

Again, planning is key. By ensuring that our operations teams provide contract and project managers with all the information they need, an unflinching clarity of focus on objectives and obligations is maintained. In this way, all personnel and stakeholders remain fully aligned to our guiding quality principles.

Seamless workflows

Certified quality

Our coordinated approach aligns Quality Management with our Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems, underpinning the integrated delivery of services to ISO 9001-2015 accreditation. It’s an approach that not only leverages a competitive edge through seamless, improved workflows and enhanced efficiency, but also strengthens client confidence and commercial credibility.

We are committed to continuous improvement. Adhering to a strict “plan, do, check, act” operational model, we balance the behavioural and systems aspects of management to ensure that we meet all of our internal and external requirements. As a result, we work in the knowledge that each process is continually resourced and managed to its optimum, as well as being enabled to identify and action every available opportunity for improvement.
Kelly Hynds, Construction Director

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