Our approach

Our approach

Whether we’re acting as new build contractors, building renovation contractors or commercial fit-out contractors, our integrated, full-service approach coordinates the collaborative efforts of an extensive range of capabilities and expertise.

The De Group Contracting difference

De Group Contracting have a unique track record among new build contractors and commercial refurbishment companies operating in central London. Our portfolio of landmark projects, from listed building renovation and structural alterations to refurbishment of hotels, residential and commercial properties, is testament to our application of innovative and intelligent solutions in often structurally and logistically complex projects.

Whilst innovation and quality are the foundation of our approach, they are augmented by three further critical factors — our safety record, our ethical standards, and our absolute commitment to sustainability.

de group contracting new build contractors


Safety is our top priority — not only of our people, but of stakeholders, partners and all other individuals affected by our operations. We have also built our reputation on doing the right thing — we never lose sight of the fact that our ethical behaviours define us, both as individuals and as a company.

Finally, as in all other walks of life, sustainability in the construction sector is no longer a luxury or an optional extra. At De Group Contracting, as far as we’re concerned, it’s an absolute non-negotiable. Materials, processes, resourcing… every aspect of every single thing we do has an impact on our carbon footprint — and on the environmental impact of the structures we build.

Process driven by quality

Process. Collaboration. Outcome

As new build contractors working on residential and commercial properties, refurbishment projects and commercial building renovation, every project undertaken by De Group Contracting is defined by our commitment to process-driven quality.

With major project elements delivered by in-house capabilities and further supported by strong supply chain partners, the collaborative approach of our highly skilled workforce ensures a seamlessly connected works process, from feasibility and pre-construction advice to handover of completed structures. Quality, safety, and sustainability are not lip service or empty buzzwords — they are prerequisites for everything we do.

Today’s commercial pressures and market conditions mean a seamlessly integrated supply chain is more important than ever before. From concept to delivery, by providing the majority of links in this chain through our in-house capabilities and sister companies, De Group Contracting ensure control and collaboration at every stage of the process.

Planning is central to the coordination of a complex, integrated supply chain. It helps ensure that all safety protocols are followed, risks minimised and logistical problems resolved, enabling cost and time efficient project delivery.

Quantified by the metrics of quality, cost and time, the success of every project we undertake is built on orchestrating multiple parallel and sequential trades and services.
Robert Pincham, Managing Director

Our sites are visibly different

From soft strip works to demolition, from listed building renovation and hotel refurbishment to new build residential and commercial property, De Group Contracting sites look different because they work differently. They are coordinated to streamline process and eliminate wastage — of time, resources, and materials.

It is this lean approach to construction process that provides a platform for our impeccable safety record. Organised, controlled sites are safer sites, where everyone knows where to be, when to be there, and exactly what they are supposed to be doing. In physical terms, this clarity of thought is

manifested in tidy work practices that make for uncluttered, efficient sites — qualities that also contribute significantly to efficient work processes. A secondary, soft factor aspect of site presentation is bound up in De Group Contracting’s embedded quality ethos. Sites, equipment and personnel prominently carry consistent branding, reinforced by the sheer number of services being delivered. From the individual to the corporate level, we’re proud of what De Group Contracting stand for — and this is demonstrated by the care we take over our projects. It not only reflects well on us as an operator — it benefits our partners, stakeholders, and all parties that adjoin or pass our sites.

Benchmarking new standards

Health & safety

Our comprehensive health and safety accreditation is testament to our rigorous approach to the welfare of our personnel, our partners and all who may potentially be affected by our work processes. Certified to the highest standards, we’re proud of a health and safety culture that informs every aspect of our operations. Throughout our organisation, at every level from building site to boardroom, we insist on the highest safety protocols.

de group contracting new build contractors
de group contracting new build contractors


These govern every aspect of our work, from planning and risk evaluation to all stages of delivery, including demolition, refurbishment, construction and fit-out. Our protocols are supported by ongoing monitoring, mentoring, and training. The result is a robust health and safety culture where safer behaviours and decision making are second nature, reinforced by regular site inspections and risk assessment.

Our ISO 45001:2018 accreditation underlines our absolute commitment to the highest standards of health and safety.

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