Chapter House

Cranwood Street, near Old Street
Framework Value:
LBS Properties

About the Project

The overall scheme comprises the refurbishment and extension of Hertford House, and replacement of Napier House with a high-quality office building that will improve the setting of its neighbour.

De-Group Contracting were awarded the demolition, excavation and superstructure element of the works. The scope of which consists the retention, refurbishment and extension of existing office building at Hertford House, including; removal of existing 3rd floor and erection of replacement 3rd floor and additional 4th floor at roof level with associated roof top plant; erection of 3 story extension to eastern elevation. Associated alterations including creation of a new access within Brunswick Street elevation, landscaping and surface treatments within Cranwood Street forecourt. Cycle and refuse store at lower ground level.

Project Challenges

Did You Know?

Project Challenges

The main challenge was the age of the building and the modifications that been previously carried out. This caused major complications to strengthen the building and enabling a further level to be constructed at roof level.

Another challenge was to build a side extension including basement. This needed to incorporate the existing boundary wall in its construction and was achieved by careful underpinning of the wall and temporary propping works back to the main structure.

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