8 Fitzroy Street

8 Fitzroy Street
Office Refresh
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About the Project

The aim of the project is a full refresh of Arup’s main London office space and reinstate collaboration areas which have been lost through the current life cycle of the building. 

Arup are moving to an‘Agile’ working environment, whereby many staff will hot desk. 

The project incorporates phased works on each floor, which is being subdivided into three phases, so the floors are completed in sections. The works are being carried out in a fully live and occupied building and includes not only the construction works but also the co-ordination and management of the entire process from people moves (both temporary and permanent), the furniture installation and the AV/IT upgrades and relocation. 

The works themselves comprise of redefining the general office area and the creation of library/quiet zone and market space to enhance the collaborative working environment for the client.

Project Challenges

Did You Know?

Project Challenges

The major challenge is the transition moves from Phase to Phase, which involve the movement of around 180 people, possessions and IT paraphernalia to various locations over six floors.
During the transition moves we must maintain the fire strategy of the building ensuring all staff have adequate escape provision from the building, whilst ensuring that they are kept safe from the day to day running of a construction site.
Further challenges are ensuring minimal interruption to the office working environment whilst carrying out the construction phase works. We have achieved this by sealing off each Phase with a sound deadening hoarding which allows most activities to be carried out during normal working hours. Any noisy works are carried out either at weekends or evenings to minimise disruption. Deliveries and materials ingress and egress are also restricted to outside of normal hours to ensure the client has as normal an environment as possible whilst the works are undertaken.

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